- Equity valuation of hospitality, agricultural commodity and F&B corporations
- Index-linked structured product design and pitching (team ranked 1st out of 10)
- Research on Chinese Yuan NDF
- Research on Economic Bubble in China
- Research on Alibaba’s Corporate Governance Structure

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- Designed and pitched an index-linked structured product as part of a simulated sales pitch. Ranked 1st out of 10 teams by a senior banker judging the products for profitability and commercial viability and evaluating the pitches for presentation quality
- Performed equity valuations of hospitality, agricultural commodity and F&B corporations using Excel-based models in order to assess the validity of theoretical valuations against market prices
- Conducted research on whether Alibaba’s innovative corporate governance structure is a main driver of its commercial success
- Conducted research on the causes of the post-2008 economic bubble in China to investigate the role played by credit inflation, housing supply and shadow banking


We have worked with participants from a diversity of industries

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