Training Overview

art-of-feedbackFeedback is an essential and unavoidable aspect of workplace communication. When delivered and received effectively, feedback can be a powerful tool in enhancing productivity. Mishandled feedback, on the other hand, can be a disastrous recipe for workplace relationships. Invest in cultivating the art of feedback, an important skill for all personal and professional endeavors.

Training Outline

Part 1: Introduction

- The role and importance of feedback
- Functions of feedback (e.g. corrective, initiating change, motivating)

Part 2: Giving Feedback

- The characteristics of effective feedback
- Different avenues for feedback (informal sessions, performance appraisals etc)
Preparing for feedback sessions
- Identifying the issues
- Customization considerations (behavioral assessment of the recipient, individual vs. group feedback, upward/downward feedback)
- Communication guidelines
- Examples of effective feedback
- Impact assessment
- Gaining commitment and following-up on feedback provided
- Managing external barriers to feedback

Part 3: Receiving Feedback

- Attitude and approaches
- Assessing the value of the feedback
- Overcoming barriers
- Determining next steps

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