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Read the e-mail below and see if you can find 20 language errors.

Dear Mr Johnny English

Thanks to you for your interest on working with us. With regards to your proposal, we discussed about your feedbacks with our staffs. However, we are regret to inform that you had not been shortlisted. The performance results in your proposal shown that sales were decreased in the first quarter. Moreover, another company has indicated that they can borrow us a larger sum, so their investment will be greater than you. Even though this was not our main selection criteria.

Please revert if you have any question regarding our decision. Please kindly call me between 2pm to 5pm. We will return your samples to you by today.

Best Regards
Mr Noen Glish

How many errors did you find? Not confident about your use of Business English? For more information on training or personal coaching in Business English, please e-mail us at [email protected]

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