Training Overview

Module One - Fine Tuning Your Business English Grammar

Improved grammar will project a more professional image of yourself and your organization. This module is designed to help participants overcome common grammatical errors that appear in written communication and give you practical tips and tools to avoid them. Work-related exercises will help you navigate communication more effectively.

Training Outline

Part 1 – The Building Blocks of Grammar
- Importance of word order
- Forming clear and concise sentences using conjunctions and transition phrases
- Clarifying meaning through punctuation
- Benefits of using the “active” and “passive” voice

Part 2 – Problematic Prepositions
- Understanding when to use prepositions such as “in”, “on”, “of”, etc
- Useful compound nouns and phrasal verbs for professional communication such as “bring about”, “set up”, etc

Part 3 - Would You if You Could? – Use of Modals
- Effectively expressing ability, permission, possibility, predictions, suggestions, requests and obligation
- Increasing the formality and politeness of your spoken and written message

Part 4 – Don’t be Tense about Tenses
- Using common tenses such as the present perfect and past tenses effectively
- Understanding problem areas such as “for”, “since”, “have got” and “have”

Part 5 – Articles – “The” Necessity
- Understanding when to use and not to use “the” and “a/an”

Part 6 – Proof-reading for Grammar
- How to proof-read for common grammatical errors

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