Training Overview

Module Two - Polishing Your Written Image

Effective communication is a critical aspect of all professional activities. Communicating effectively through writing is an integral aspect of this. The appropriate writing style, structure and choice of words can greatly enhance the receptivity of the message. Paying attention to tone and courtesy can prevent a host of misunderstandings. Focusing on brevity can impact the efficiency with which communication takes place. This module is designed to help participants develop a clear understanding of the professional writing process with an aim to improve workplace performance.

Training Outline

Part 1: Fundamentals of Good Business Writing
- Principles of effective writing
- The writing process

Part 2: The Language of E-mails and Letters
- Choice of vocabulary and clarity of expressions
- Common grammatical errors
- Tone of message
- Level of detail
- Consistency
- Level of formality
- Persuasiveness
- Netiquette
- Applying the above techniques to practice various types of e-mails and letters according to the participants’ professional requirements.

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