Workshop Overview

Communication and Relationship Management

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."
– George Bernard Shaw

Personally effective people make good use of their talents, skills and resources and demonstrate success in achieving their goals through effective communication and relationship management. Engagement of colleagues through effective dialogues is an essential soft skill for all executives.

The quality of our conversations and how we represent ourselves determines the quality of our interactions. By focusing on how to handle workplace conversations to nurture positive relationships, this training will empower individuals to interact more successfully, especially with difficult people. Acquire techniques to improve communication with anyone who has a different communication style. Communicate with savvy and finesse and handle sensitive issues and people with tact. Increase your value by building and maintaining powerful working relationships.

Workshop Outline

Part 1: Challenges of Communication
- Sources of miscommunication
- Different communication styles and their drivers (values, inner rules)
- Adapting to different personalities and styles
- Identifying your own nature

Part 2: The Yzer Four-Step Communication Approach(TM)
- Understanding the various components of communication and how it helps in workplace interactions
- Exploring effective communication strategies for each component of communication including both verbal (e.g. word choice) and non-verbal techniques (e.g. tone of voice, body language)
- Exploring questioning techniques to improve gathering of information, gaining of insights and fact finding
- Exploring active listening strategies (the dos and don’ts) including acknowledging, clarifying and paraphrasing to enhance communication and workplace efficiency
- Cultivating conversations that generate insights

Part 3: Assertiveness and Overcoming Barriers to Communication
- Exploring the Yzer Challenging Communication ChecklistTM
- Cultivating assertiveness and sharpening your influence to tackle difficult people, issues and conversations
- Fostering habit changes in oneself and others
- Gaining buy-in

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