Training Overview

Workshop on Intercultural Communication in Hong Kong in July 2017 for Georgetown University undergraduates

Communicating Effectively with Everyone

“ The most universal quality is diversity.”
– Michel de Montaigne

With globalisation, interaction with colleagues and customers from diverse backgrounds has become common. As a result, communication across cultures has become a necessary skill to enhance personal effectiveness and workplace performance. However, cross-cultural communication is not restricted to communication with people from other cultural backgrounds. Acquire techniques to improve communication with anyone who has a different communication style.

Training Outline

Part 1: Sources of Cross-Cultural Miscommunication
- Understanding culture and cross-cultural communication
- Identifying sources of cross-cultural miscommunication and cultural insensitivities
- Understanding the difference between ‘generalizations’ and ‘stereotypes’
- Examining the effect of cultural differences on business
- Building cross-cultural understanding for predominant Asian and Western cultures

Part 2: Different Communication Styles
- Understanding different communication styles
- Identifying personal communication styles and their drivers
- Recognizing the strengths and drawbacks of different communication styles
- Understanding “conflict talk”
- Understanding the role of silence, pacing and non-verbal communication

Part 3: Techniques for Overcoming Differences
- Appreciating the inter-cultural workplace
- Building bridges to communication
- Emailing effectively across cultures

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