Workshop Overview

emotionalThe Double-Edged Sword of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the new yardstick by which our personal and professional success is often measured. This interactive workshop will enable you to increase your capacity to interact with others in meaningful and positive ways. Understand and build on the sought-after personal qualities to practice the desired emotional competencies of today’s world.

This workshop incorporates the use of the ParadoxTechnologyTM of Harrison AssessmentsTM which is a self-awareness and discovery tool. Each participant will complete a pre-workshop 20-minute online self-assessment that will generate an individual Paradox Graph. This report focus on 12 paradoxes that relate to the workplace. The Paradox Graph provides a graphical view of one’s tendencies related to each of the 12 paradoxes. In doing so, it enables each participant to analyse one’s own paradoxical behaviours with an option to examine those traits in relation to a specific job. Paradox Theory provides a unique insight into oneself by provides a guideline for balancing ourselves.

The trainer will guide participants in interpreting their Paradox Graph. When both traits within each paradoxical pair manifest their constructive aspects, we demonstrate ‘balanced versatility’. The trainer will discuss self-development opportunities for achieving a more balanced versatility in the areas identified by Harrison AssessmentsTM which include: logical intuition, healthy self-esteem, poised achievement, authoritative collaboration, realistic optimism and others.

Training Outline

Understanding Emotional Intelligence
- The evidence for EQ
- The different aspects of EQ
- Empathy vs. sympathy
- Understanding and developing others
- Service orientation
- Practicing winning language

Techniques for Developing Behavioural Competencies
- Interpreting self-assessments
- Tips and strategies for achieving a more ‘balanced versatility’

Reinforcing Emotional Intelligence
- Leveraging diversity
- Increasing workplace awareness
- Developing a winning attitude
- Striving to improve
- Reinforcing change


Presentation, interactive discussion, use of a sophisticated and reputed self-awareness tool. Participants will also receive a training manual containing useful tips and strategies to facilitate workplace application of the workshop contents.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is open to all anyone who wish to explore their behavioural competencies with a view to improving both workplace and social interaction.

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