Training Overview

Power up on various skills such as listening, note-taking and writing to produce more effective minutes of meetings.

Training Outline

Part 1: Preparing for the Meeting
- The challenges of taking minutes
- The role and responsibilities of the minute-taker
- The changing face of minutes
- Other documents related to meetings e.g. agenda, previous minutes, etc.
- Meeting roles (initiator, chair/facilitator, administrator/minute-taker, etc.)
- Establishing goals and desired outcomes
- Identifying attendees
- Taking care of logistics

Part 2: During the Meeting
- Listening and note-taking skills
- Speaking up (to recap key messages etc.)

Part 3: Post-Meeting
- Writing up minutes – typical formats
- Relevant grammar and vocabulary
- Circulating minutes/ensuring follow-up
- Samples and practice activities

Part 4: Group Dynamics
- Examining patterns of interaction in groups
- Handling challenging participants (e.g. disruptive, argumentative, loud) and challenging situations (e.g. awkward silences)
- Dealing with conflict (e.g. opposing views)

Client Testimonials

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