Training Overview

effective-negotiation-skillsWorking Towards Agreements

The art of negotiation is a challenge for all. Assertiveness and persuasiveness are sought-after assets, but difficult to acquire. This training will explore some of the techniques available to successfully execute agreements. With a focus on both the communicative and analytical skills involved, participants will practice negotiations to hone their soft skills.

Training Outline

Part 1: Understanding Negotiations
- Understanding the difference between typical negotiations (positional negotiation) and effective negotiations (principled negotiation)
- Understanding what constitutes a successful negotiation

Part 2: Building Personal Effectiveness in Negotiations
- Understanding how to separate the people from the negotiation
- Understanding and focusing on the interests of all negotiating parties
- Practicing the language of effective negotiations
- Recognizing and responding to “attacks” during negotiations
- Knowing your alternatives
- Making others your partners in problem solving
- Inventing options and making proposals
- Breaking through challenging barriers
- Understanding and practicing assertiveness
- Final steps to sealing the deal

Part 3: Preparing for and Practicing Negotiations
- Understanding your personal negotiating style
- Preparing for negotiations
- Practicing tactics for effective negotiations through a series of simulated negotiations

Client Testimonials

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