Training Overview

personal-effectivenessPersonally effective people make good use of their talents, skills and resources and demonstrate success in achieving their goals. This workshop aims to create awareness about life-enhancing changes that can help us feel more empowered. It helps us understand how our day-to-day choices and actions impact our accomplishments. It highlights the importance and method of goal-setting as the integral first step to leading more fulfilling lives both on a personal and professional level. It focuses on the aspects of our lives that are within our control and covers the steps necessary to initiate personal change and development to achieve greater self-mastery and workplace performance.

Training Outline

Part 1: Where Am I Going?
- The impact of today’s workplace on our lives
- Understanding our core values, goals and priorities

Part 2: Working Smart
- Effective strategies and approaches to work
- Recognizing time thieves
- Trouble-shooting
- Just doing it!

Part 3: Keeping it Real
- Health is wealth
- Examining our attitude
- Letting go to gain control

Client Testimonials

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