Training Overview

We need to create the right impressions and sustain them. Understand and apply telephone etiquette to enhance the image of yourself and your organization. Appreciate the importance of effective call handling when servicing internal and external customers.

Training Outline

Part 1: Modes of Communication
- Understanding the six touch points of communication
- Appreciating the different drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction when it comes to servicing customers over the telephone vs. face-to-face

Part 2: Telephone Etiquette
- Guidelines on professional use of the telephone to cover answering, greeting, putting on hold/transferring, leaving a voicemail, etc

Part 3: Being Effective on the Phone
- Practicing voice techniques to develop an effective ‘phone voice’
- Using effective phrases for various situations
- Applying successful questioning and listening techniques
- Role-playing

Part 4: Handling Challenging Calls
- Applying specific techniques for speaking to difficult people through role-playing and reviewing useful phrases

Client Testimonials

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