Testimonials for Khyati Kapai

Training in Communication Skills

Perfect.  - Cecilia, Kim You Jin, Project Officer, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, NTU

The coverage and depth was more than adequate.  The content and materials were adequate.  This will improve my email communication skills by leaps and bounds.  Trainer's style was engaging and gave everyone the attention and opportunity to contribute.  - Ng Hui Li, NTU

The training will help me in being more reflective on the way I answer emails and answer telephone calls.  Thank you Khyati for being an engaging and knowledgeable trainer. - Vijay Krishnan Chandran, Office of Admissions & Financial Aid, NTU

It's relevant to both work and personal life.  It's a good combination of theory and practice.  Class size was just nice.  She’s brilliant in her craft, very knowledgeable & patient.  Some of the techniques are very useful e.g. bridging the gap, the 5 perspectives to differentiate people's style of communication.  This training is absolutely useful.  The trainer is very knowledgeable.  - Yip Weng Foo, Executive Director, FIPS Senior Banker, Natixis Singapore Branch

Very useful topics, well covered by interesting content.  Messages very well delivered by a committed and knowledgeable teacher.  - Paolo Saliba, Associate, Aircraft-OSD, Natixis Singapore Branch

The trainer is engaging, professional and considerate!  Thanks Khyati!  - Mandy Wong, Assistant Vice President, Communications, Natixis Asia Pacific

The trainer is knowledgeable in this subject and is able to anticipate and address questions.  Visual aids of the structure method is helpful. 



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