- Analyzed daily news and public market information; updated stock market data and drafted weekly memorandum; provided ad hoc services to corporate clients on investor relations management
- Evaluated shareholder structures and financial metrics of TWSE-listed firms, identified potential corporate clients and cold called 16 companies to pitch investor relations consulting services; cold calling led to 2 clients proceeding with further due diligence and discussions on service contracts
- Forecasted profitability and key financial ratios, created presentation slides for investor conferences, and translated corporate annual report for Asia’s top 5 petrochemicals manufacturing company; maximized client satisfaction with high accuracy in compiling financial data and generating corporate fact sheet, slides and annual report translation

Possible Revision

- Evaluated shareholder structure and built Excel-based valuation models for TWSE-listed firms to identify potential corporate clients for capital market advisory and investor relations services
- Converted 2 out of 16 leads into clients for whom conducted due diligence and advised on service contracts
- Forecasted clients’ financial performance by analyzing market share, cross-company data and macro trends; incorporated key insights into advisory reports
- Provided commentaries and reports for corporate and investor clients which involved analyzing, summarizing and updating economic and market data, news and trends
- Created investor conference slides, fact sheets and other documentation for senior colleagues
- Drafted investor relations documentations such as fact sheets, quarterly reviews and corporate announcements for clients
- Translated annual financial reports for Asia’s top five petrochemicals manufacturing companies from Chinese to English


We have worked with participants from a diversity of industries

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